Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Work in Progress

Back to the creepies! I am in the studio working and enjoying every minute. I have received your emails over these many months and have added each of you to my preview email list. I do very appreciate your interest and patience.
My absence could not be avoided. I am not returning like gang busters until I am sure that my new schedule will pan out. But I will be introducing a few small "batches" of the kids here and there and be sure to alert you.

I will continue to do the Cupcake series but also introducing some variations on this series along with assemblage designs.

The pics featured are one of those variations. This vintage rubber head (wish I made a mold first, it is fantastic) had long gnarly stringy hair. I removed it all except for the rows for texture. The eyes jiggle left to right at free will and it is nothing short of creepilicious.

The "tears" that drip rampantly are an iron solution that I concocted and love the final result. The large deadish daisy collar feels like a perfect fit for her. Not too much left to do to her I don't think but she hasn't spoken to me in a few days ;)

xxxx It's really great to see you all again. Thanks xxxx


Creepy Cupcake Kids

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