Saturday, March 14, 2009

DAG Challenge Piece

I joined March's mini challenge which was a Tombstone Ornament Swap!! I do not know who I am swapping with but I think that is part of the fun! This is a polymer sculpt with a poseable skull-head, doll parts & vintage text.

Vintage text reads:
Ghastly Organic Matter, cruel, brutal, cold-blooded, savage, inhuman.

DAG is a new artist's guild dedicated to the darker arts. I am enjoying being a member and all of the friendly people.

Click icon below to visit DAG and see for yourself!

Choose the blog, group or even membership links along the top!


  1. Hi Carni!

    Believe it or not I was checking it out earlier today through your blog post. I will think about it! '-)

    BTW: I see my new cupcake boy arrived today. I'm out of town for the weekend but will be back home on Monday. Can't wait to see him, and I will post feedback for you on Etsy on Monday.

    Enjoy your weekend dark lady!

    Chris (-:

  2. Great tombstone! Love the addition of the skelly fingers!!

  3. Hi Carni ~ I have awarded you for having such a DELISH blog!

    Come visit me 4 your award & details.

    PS: I meant to mention before, great tombstone piece too.

    SpOOky Best,
    Chris (-:

  4. Carni...I'm so digging your Skelly Challenge..I love your background in the photo...Awesome job... Boy I hope I get yours! LOL

  5. Thank you all so much. You have all made my weekend!

  6. Love your blog and creepy cupcake babies!


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