Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Such A Wonderful Surprise!!

While googling, I accidently found a blog that did a feature on one of my Creepy Cupcake kids! Can you believe it?

It is a blog totally dedicated to cupcakes...real ones that is! It seems that the lovely blogger who featured my creepy confectionery is a writer & creator of/for food magazines and has basically dedicated her life in the pursuit of thee best cupcakes!

She has a huge following but the best part is the ONE comment that was left about my creepy cupcake kid is PRICELESS and totally made my day!
I sold my last Creepy Cupcake Kid today and have plans for more so stay tuned.
Too funny, who knew?


  1. BIG congrats on the new feature on this blog. I posted over there as well! '-)

    Enjoy your weekend Carni.

    Chris (-:

  2. Can not WAIT to see more. Keep me posted. I also have an affinity for doll heads! LOL.


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