Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Art Doll's Only Challenge

So we are in the process of finishing a fun challenge from the challenge committee of ADO - Art Dolls Only.

We were challenged to create Ellen Degeneres in our style. Insert-Uber evil laugh here!!

I signed up because I knew it would be a challenge which is always good for an artist but also I can appreciate anyone who does not take themselves too seriously and clearly Ellen does not.

So here is "MY" eerie ellen!

eerie ellen Art Doll Challenge by ADO

Very Vintage doll with piercing blue-grey eyes, very long eyeslashes hard to see. I cropped her blond doo. She is dancin of course!. Just in a creepy clownish kind of way with a shrunken head belt buckle!

eerie ellen Art Doll Challenge by ADO

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