Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quite Possibly My Favorite Creepy To Date!

Please meet Sludge!

Sludge the Creepy Cupcake Kid

~Oh Sludge, how I love thee~

Sludge the Creepy Cupcake Kid

This uber textural creepy is one of my all time favorites and is priced as such b/c I would love to keep him.

"Sludge" hails from the chic NYC Sewer Floater Society. Such a unique and wonderful specimen Sludge is with his charmingly posed head, Milky piercing eyes and long moldy lashes. Eyes, lips and cheeks appear to be moist. Gorgeously Unique "Moldy" Trim surround Sludges neck and cascades over cupcake paper.

~Available in my Etsy Shop~


  1. GREAT!!! ~ Check out my new blog post today featuring my CCK collection! '-)

    mE ((-:

  2. Great name and love the color! ☺

  3. Thanks Chris and Caroline for the sweetness! HUGZ~


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