Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's in the works..?

Here is what I have been slowly designingfor the CCK's

For those who have signed up for the preview list I will give you a heads up when the timing is right before any listing or posts.

My 9-5 workload has been large lately and therefor that inerupts my time creating the lil creepy's! I appreciate your patience and do hope to have a few done within next few days.

I have come across some very unique doll heads in the last few weeks and have big plans! New styles coming that should be a hit.
I came across another head that allows me to construct the Baby Maraca's! In theory it seems like a simple construction but in reality it is only easy if the doll has a particular design to it. Luckily I found another one!

So, keep a look out for:

1 Baby Maraca- I have had soo many orders for these but just cannot do it yet. Need a better suplier
1 Large Baby Head Halloween trick or Treat JOL pail-sooo cool!
2 cute and creepy straight cupcakes
1 poseable full size creepy that also stands!

ok, that is enough hints for now...wish me luck! And stay tuned. Hope you are pleased with the next batch.


1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to the new goodies!

    Have a great week & don't work too hard.

    Chris (-:


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